2005-01-22 by Patrick

Finally a CVS module is there
Some time went by before we did something. Actually we did nothing so far but SF uploaded my CVS module (with all its commit-comments, thanks).

The CVS module is called av-usbradio. It contains my HID user-space program. It works for me and some (two) users reported success with it. Still there is some work to do, but at last there is something to start with.

2004-12-28 by Dunkelstern

HIDdev driver planned...
Patrick Boettcher has done some code on his own to make the Radio work, i asked him for permission to use his code and fix the frequency tuning. He has implemented scanning and i will implement the exact frequency tuning...
More news to come...

2004-12-26 by Dunkelstern

Website is online now.
What you can see now is just a quick out of the box page, no extensive php, no good administration... but that's my problem ;)

2004-12-07 by Dunkelstern

First public alpha version of userspace driver.
You can switch station frequencies and turn the Radio on and off currently, not much but it's usable.